Employee Stories

This is a collection of stories of our past employees. Everyone has a unique and amazing story to tell. 


In 2017 David was released from prison and living in a halfway house near ODM. David started volunteering in the Family Room and heard about the opportunity to work at Street2Life. As David started working at Street2Life, his positive attitude and diligence were noticeable and he was also hired to work as a janitor with Open Door Fellowship, our partner church. When asked about his experience at ODM, David said, "It has been a huge support to me. It's giving me the chance to serve God. It feels like home to me. And for the first time in my life I have surrounded myself with good and Godly people and I'm loving every minute of it." You can hear all about David's incredible story of transformation on 9News by clicking here. David unexpectedly passed away in the spring of 2019 - he will be dearly missed by all of our staff and the Open Door community.



After years of messing around with the wrong crowd and doing prison time, Kenneth found Street2Life through our Print Shop Manager, David. Kenneth has truly taken a major turn in his life and it is amazing to watch God’s transformation as he gets involved in the Open Door community. Kenneth wanted us to share this recent photo of him with a police officer because he said that years ago he wouldn’t have been caught dead near one! He has shared with us on numerous occasions this year how his life is so different than before and that he has never experienced love and friendship like he has found at Street2Life and ODM. 



After battling with addiction and spending some time in jail, Melanie decided she wanted to make a significant change in her life. She moved into Open Door’s Esther House in 2018 and has found a place to maintain her sobriety, reconnect with her family, and dream about what God has for her in the future. Melanie joined the S2L team in April of 2018 and has now gone on to find employment and pursue her education.



After years of homelessness, Eriqk found Street2Life through his friendship with Bex Drake and Bruce Vlieger (ODM Ezra staff). Eriqk was successfully employed by S2L for an entire year, and afterwards has gone on to work full time at Arc Thrift Store. While Eriqk is still homeless, it is awesome to watch him taking positive steps toward living a productive and healthy life.